Location: Central London, UK

APRIL 2019

Salary: £ (Dependent on experience)

Opus Artz is seeking to grow, train and foster the next (super) production artist, well rounded in all aspects  game production design & visuals. This is not for the weak hearted.

We are looking for the right team member to join our studio; skilled in visual design with the ability to showcase that design philosophy effectively across a diverse variety of genres and styles.

During your training & development, the purpose is to truly hone and nurture you eventually into a super specialist generalist ie you will learn all the tools in the trade across all disciplines. There will be no cover to hide.

We only offer this one position, once a year.  There can only be one.


As a production artist, your typical day may include the following

  • Art Development: develop, iterate and nurture game designs for pre production & games production; emphasis on strong clean line art
  • Illustrate: choose your visual weapons to help produce the next AAA marketing visual or provide characters illustrations of well loved IPs – using all tools available in your arsenal to fit the style challenge ranging from photorealistic, to stylized and develop that unique bespoke look
  • 3 month In-house development training: development and exposure to digital production workflow techniques (irrespective of experience) for current & next gen games development
  • R&D: Involves exploring and developing new production tools, to integrate and streamline the studio workflow practise


  • Understanding of integrating Character, Environment, Vehicle and Weapon visuals
  • Keep a positive team-oriented attitude
  • Be proactive and self-motivated, work without direct supervision
  • Willingness to improve and accept direction and feedback.
  • Highly organized and self-motivated with excellent communication skills, both written and spoken
  • Good application of 3D (for blockouts and usage in photorealism)


This job might be for you if:

  • You like learning on your feet. You adapt and roll with the punches in the flux of production art changes
  • You desire to grow your art skills with fellow artists and delight in developing new techniques.
  • You enjoy the intricacy of visual communication & design

Extra awesome:

  • Strong design & aesthetic communication skillset
  • Strong to exceptional sense of lighting & mood
  • Good design aesthetic (mixture of traditional and digital)
  • Working knowledge in industry standard 2D and 3D packages


To be the next Opus Artz artist, you need to have some experience working in the games, animation or movie industry. We will help foster & show you the ropes. It normally takes 3-6 months to adapt, thrive & be exceptional within the niche of visual art outsourcing.

In addition, if it feels like you fit this role, but don’t meet all the requirements?
So as long as you can demonstrate how your attitude and other abilities might make up for any gaps we would welcome your application!




To apply for this position, please formally direct your enquiries to business (at)

NB: You must be a UK resident/EEA/ have permission to work in UK

Send a covering letter to along with samples of your portfolio
Please include your availability and salary requirements.