eXo materiel

A chronological timeline of exotic projects & patents,
thru the Ages



USPTO B64C27/20

Rotorcraft characterised by having shrouded rotors, e.g. flying platforms

Application filed by Weygers Alexander George

(Shrouded mainshaftless with vertical tunnel discus copter)

1952 | WVB Space Station Concept

2025 | Von Braun Rotating Space Station

VERA ( Voluminous Environment, Rotating Architecture) is a torus type spaceport.
Gateway Spaceport plans to build the spaceport (via Sargon Systems – a family of new construction machines) as early as 2025 (with the support of the space construction company Orbital Assembly) via a new method called Rapid Sequential Circular ASSEMBLY (RSCA) built within less than a year.

It’s the first important step to colonizing space and other worlds. The Gateway Spaceport will connect people from all over the world so we can make this first step together.


1955 | Disneyland & WVB

Wernher von Braun

"Man in Space"




Advances in pulsed scalar weaponry in the 1940’s  afforded the retrieval & phased reverse engineered development of X-planes. Reproduction Vehicles were often developed under the guise of 14 year patent grants and test demonstrators thru major defense contractors


AZ31X (magnesium zinc alloy)  foil laminates 7cm thickness, bonded with molten bismuth*  with copper cladding externally are used to develop the ARV capacitor array.

Stacked trays of special cut quartz **, form wedged shaped panels inbetween each alternative copper capacitor arrays to form a kiln, to fused and form pure molten quartz without inclusions, whilst maintaining the integrity of the capacitor arrays

Capacitors are charged in parallel, and hyperdischarged in series from within, without.

* bisnuth, when subjected to extreme high voltages causes mass reduction
** Defects of the molten quartz can  thus be swapped out and replaced

Composite fibreglass type resin
(similar to the construction of orgonite)


Mark McCandlish, aviation artist attended the NORTON AFB open house airshow in 1988, NOV 12th.

The main sponsor Lockheed Martin, had a range of exhibits from prototype hovercraft, body lift to VTOL craft each enclosed within its own venetian blinds.

At the end of the exhibit, were three banged up production ARV Fluxliners within the hangar to be shown to various VIP guests.

ARVs have been in development since 1950s.

Detailed descriptions of mercury powered vimanas were well documented, and Die Glockenspiel represented early developments in G project recreations.

DOD Special Access
Programmes commercially have produced wing blended sophisticated aerospace frames such as the B2 Spirit