Battlefield Hardline

"Hardline is a underrated gem of a game, we didn't know how good we had back then"

"Hardline is honestly some of the most fun I've had in a Battlefield game"

"There is no recoil on this gun."

"Such a blast to play, it's still alive and well on console. Bank Job is one of the best Infantry maps in all of Battlefield"

"Nothing beats hanging out of a car w your squad while "WOOP WOOP THATS THE SOUND OF DA POLICE" blared over your gunshots"

"Hardline was a good game and way ahead of its time"


Production notes

Bringing a new IP to market can be tough. From the initial internal pitch to full game production, Battlefield Hardline represents a fantastic collaboration between art director Ian Milham and visual studio Opus Artz.

Here is a small glimpse of the BFH production visuals spanning characters, environment level design, in game marketing, logos, brands and storefronts.

Main Cast

CRIME NPCs: Thugs, Bodyguards, Bosses

NPC Additional

CIVILIAN NPC: Hotel Staff, Newscasters, Street