KFC “Foul Reaper”

Foul Reaper two-handed scythe

Design concepts for the Necromancer two-handed scythe.
These used for the KFC x Diablo 4 cross-promotional launch promo

Premium Cosmetic Headstones

Premium Cosmetic Helms

Production notes

Some assorted promotional tie-in and wide range of Live Ops production assets for Diablo IV pre-launch, S1 and S2 battlepass. Work production sheets are ordered for clarity, depth and brevity – such, allow co-developers and outsource vendors to develop the final in game models, textures, animations from such production concept sheets.


Premium Cosmetic Backtrophies | Lilith's Gift


The initial backtrophy designs for Lilith’s gift

Additional Premium Backtrophies

Druid Backtrophy | Thorns of Penitence

Initial druid backtrophy design explorations


Kid Baphomet

Season 2 introduced pet backpacks. As such, here are various design explorations, themed around a goat kid as the absolute GOAT of the accessories pack

Bundle | Necromancer (6 items)

  • Capra Resurrection (headstone)
  • Little Billy’s Back (back trophy)
  • Scythe of Amun (two-handed scythe)
  • The Horned Fiend (focus)
  • That’s Baaaaad (emote)
  • The Horned Fiend (Others)

Little Billy's Back

“Little goat, little goat; a crown upon your head.
Little goat, little goat; all your enemies are dead.
Little goat, little goat; protected like a gem.
Little goat, little goat; followed to the end.”


Diablo IV – Production Works


Diablo IV – Mounts