The Dwarves (Dvergr) call their realm Niðavellir ("Dark Fields")

Herein, lies Nidavellir, the Forge and Nornir Chests

The Aesir could not distinguish between Dwarves and Dark Elves of Alfheim
Thus the Dwarf Realms were named "Svartalfheim" (Land of the Dark Ones)

Aurvangar Wetlands

The Grim

Grim are agile, frog-like humanoid creatures

Wicked grim, are the strongest grim with a long, lashing tongue for an additional attack

Cursed grim, are slightly fatter brethren with poisonous projectile spitting ranged attacks

Grim Vizdev


Cursed Grim

Wicked Grim

Lady of the Forge

Mermaid creates the Draupnir Spear


Draupnir Spear is crafted by  Lady of the Forge Mermaid, infused with the blood of a god unto a ring.

The icelandic Edda, describe the goddess Rán & Jotunn (giant) husband Ægir as the embodiment of the sea, whilst their nine daughters representing the waves therein. Rán means ‘robber’, and is depicted as with a net to catch unwary travellers

Thus, Rán “seeks to catch and drown men in her net” and that “to give someone to the sea-goddess is to drown them.

Mermaid vizdev

Design Notes

Early on we set out to explore a Mermaid for God of War Ragnarok

Bjorn designed a wide cast of different looks.
Together with Raf and Dela we landed on a fantastic design that played a big role in the final look and feel of the Lady.

The final design that ended up in the game is a collaboration with Raf, Dela, Bjorn and Shan

Ice & Fire

Nilfheim & Múspelheim

Nilfheim - primordial land of ice & mist, lies to the North

Betwixt the realms of fire and ice. came the creation of Midgard and the other worlds

Múspelheim - primordial land of fire, lies to the South

Fierce Ogre Vizdev


Niflheim was first of the Nine Worlds to be brought into being, from the empty void of Ginnungagap

Twas a spring called Hvergelmir, that came to be frozen in the extreme cold

These Northern reaches became the primordial world of frost and mist that is Nilfheim


Homeland of the legendary Fire Giants

Seeks Surtr's help, and bring forth Ragnarök to put an end to Odin's reign

Led by Surtr, these fire Jotunn would invade and burn the world as enemies of both gods & men

The Swarthy One

The legendary Surtr, IS
the  first fire giant & second being in existence.

to carry his bright sword during Ragnarök
Surtr will battle against the Æsir, and Freyr
and afterward the flames brought forth
will engulf the Earth”
(Poetic Edda)



Surtr and the fire giants



Álfheimr (Old Norse 'Elf home') are where the Light & Dark ones reside

Light Elves, "fairer than the sun", live in the world of Álfheimr

The Dark Elves dwell within the earth

Dökkálfar Beyla

Our studio explored  both light & dark elves for #GodofWarRagnarok

Vizdev notes:
These were early explorations of the female Dark Elf warrior, that later informed the design of Beyla (one of Freyr’s servants).

Soon after arriving in Vanaheim, one encounters Beyla who is married to Light Elf Byggvi and part of Freyr‘s resistance group alongside Byggvir, Lúnda, and Birgir.


Ragnarök II – Midgard


Ragnarök III – Vanaheim