The Huntress

The Huntress, is a stalker: half woman, half deer master archer and a worshipper of Skadi, a legendary Giantess who was known as an expert hunter.

She is a mini-boss you’ll encounter in God of War Ragnarok during the first chapter, Surviving Fimbulwinter.


The Fates: Past, Present, & Future

Urðr (Wyrd), Verðandi, and Skuld draw water from their sacred well to nourish the tree at the centre of the cosmos and prevent it from rot

The three Norns decide the life course and length for every single being, thus ending the golden age of the gods

These powerful maiden giantesses (Jotuns) from Jötunheimr are hidden in Midgard

VizDev Notes

An early explorations depicting Kratos falling through the surface of a pond, and thus journeying  to the alternate world of the Norns beneath. This idea was subsequently discarded for the current unveiling

VizDev Notes

Within this exploration, the scene depicts the Norns speaking through a magical drift wood avatar (thus suggeting and influencing the fates of men and gods).

Each Norn, would thus take turns to whisper  to voice their secrets thus this wooden representation tied to its individual weave and weft of potential threads of  destiny.


Ragnarök I – Bestiary


Ragnarök III – Vanaheim